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Work is a concept that can be different for each of us. Work and career we can understand as a process of lifelong improvement of oneself. If you are interested in what characterizes your work, how we can divide it or what institutions can help you in the area of your career growth, we will try to answer you through this article.

What will you know?

CHARACTERISTICS OF WORK: Work is a necessity for a person to live and survive in society. It is a so-called tool for earning a monthly living income. Few can say that they do not need a job and have enough money for a happy life without a regular income.

DIVISION OF WORK: We can divide work into physical (physical) and mental (mental).

WHAT REQUIREMENTS NEED TO BE COMPLETED WHEN YOU COMPLETE SCHOOL: A high school student is registered by August 31 of the given year. From 1.9. it is necessary for you to register at the employment office, or you will be registered as a voluntary unemployed and it will be your duty to pay contributions to the health insurance company. If you are a university graduate, it is necessary to send a written or personal application for inclusion in the register of job seekers within 7 calendar days of graduation. Registration at the employment office is voluntary. If you have not registered with the employment office, you are neither a student nor an employee and it is your duty to pay contributions to the health insurance company.

WHAT IS THE ACTIVITY OF THE LABOR OFFICE AND WHAT CAN YOU FIND THERE: The Office of Labor, Social Affairs and Family (UPSVaR) is a state administration body that performs its activities in the field of employment services. The main activity of UPSVaR is focused on supporting the reduction of unemployment, through labor supply, or retraining of unemployed people. The main goal is to mediate a suitable job offer to a candidate who has registered in the register of job seekers.

JOB OFFER: Jobs are constantly being created and lost, so it is necessary to adapt quickly to the current situation. Vacancies, a number of articles, the necessary documents, current information in the field of work can also be found through portals focused on job offers.

WHO CAN YOU CONTACT: In the area of ​​job opportunities, you can also be helped by youth organizations that will advise you on how to proceed and who you can contact. Mastering soft and hard skills is important to get a job.

Soft skills include: communication skills, creativity, adaptability, public speaking, teamwork, motivation.

Hard skills are, for example, skill in a foreign language, title, certificates, writing speed, computer skills.

When looking for a job, it is important to think about the area in which you want to work, to carry out an activity that you enjoy and that work was fun for you. If you are looking for a job, current job offers, institutions that operate in the field, or you just want to know the current laws and declarations, in the article you will find websites that deal with this topic.


"For those who enjoy work, life is happiness." - Maxim Gorky

What will it bring you?

  • Better orientation in offers on the labor market through job-oriented portals.
  • Easier employment in the labor market.
  • Information on training opportunities for a new type of work.
  • Evaluating yourself for what type of work you are suitable for. You will be able to evaluate your soft and hard skills.
  • It will give you the opportunity to find a job that will be attractive to you.

How about a little professionally?

Work is defined as the purposeful activity of a person who, through his actions, creates goods and services necessary to satisfy the needs of others. It is not good to look at work only as a job, work should fill people, create a feeling of joy for them.

The ideal situation is when we perform an activity that we enjoy and are willing to do it without being paid. When work is a hobby, it can also help self-realization. Work that does not provide the possibility of education and career growth does not sufficiently satisfy the needs and we classify such work in the category of underemployment.

The work can be divided into:

1. Physical work, so-called physical work, is a type of activity in which man is an instrument. Physical work can be static or dynamic.

2. Mental work, also called mental work, is a process whose main activity is human thinking. This type of work is related to the analysis, sorting and transformation of information. Mental work is associated with a high emotional load.