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Today, all around us, we are witnessing human rights violations. But hand on heart. Each of us knows the phrase human rights. But do we know what it means? Not one person hesitates in answering this question. If you hesitated too and something is unclear to you, you have the opportunity to see an article that will explain everything to you.

What will you know?

CHARACTERISTICS OF HUMAN RIGHTS: Human rights include the right to life of every human being, freedom from slavery, torture, freedom of expression and thought, the right to education and to work.

ORGANIZATIONS CONCERNING THE PROTECTION OF HUMAN RIGHTS: the United Nations (UN), the Council of Europe, the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights

WHAT DOES THE NON-GOVERNMENTAL ORGANIZATION PLATFORM (MVRO) MEAN: Determines the conditions needed to ensure a country's development.


"My freedom ends where I begin to restrict another person's freedom." - Jean Jacques Rousseau

What will it bring you?

  • An overview of basic concepts related to human rights.
  • Better orientation in organizations dealing with the protection of human rights.
  • Knowledge that human rights belong to all human beings, regardless of their gender, race, nationality, ethnicity, language or religion.
  • An overview of the rights that need to be respected for the country's development.

How about a little professionally?

Characteristics of rights:

  • Irrevocable - they cannot be revoked, they are not donated by the state, they are unique to every person,
  • Expiratory - they do not expire after a certain time, they cannot be lost by the individual not applying them,
  • Inalienable - they cannot be given up or passed on to another person.

United Nations (UN)

It is carrying out the most intensive action aimed at protecting human rights on a global scale. The basic documents are the UN Charter (signed in 1945) and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (signed in 1948).

On European soil, the protection of human rights is ensured by the Council of Europe, under the auspices of which the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms was signed in 1950.

According to the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, development aid as well as respect for human rights promote prosperity and freedom. The pillar is dignity and equality between people. Poverty also occurs when human rights are violated. This is precisely the cause and consequence of the disadvantaged position of people and their subsequent exclusion. The application of and respect for human rights and freedoms is a means to an end.

NGO Platform

He says that the country will not be guaranteed development until the following rights are guaranteed for all its inhabitants:

  • The right to food, health, housing
  • The right to education
  • The right to work
  • Right to participate (freedom of expression and right to information, right of assembly and freedom of association)
  • Right to own land
  • Children's rights (right to life and protection from violence and abuse, rights to health, education, rest and leisure)
  • Workers' rights (right to fair and satisfactory working conditions, right to form trade unions)
  • Minority rights (for the preservation of language and cultural identity)
  • The right to equal treatment - non-discrimination between women and marginalized groups
  • The right to environmental protection
  • Right to apply the law and administrative procedure (right to access information and authorities)